The Popularity of Dental Surgery Abroad Today

The unbelievably high and increasing cost of dental care today have given people based in the UK, USA and most of Europe no choice but to look for dental treatment elsewhere. This explains the ever growing popularity of dental tourism.

Hungary is a popular destination of dental tourists

Hungary is a popular destination of dental tourists

What is dental tourism? Dental tourism basically just means travelling off to another country to seek more affordable dental care, surgery and treatment. This is very commonly practiced by Britons, Americans, European and Canadians who would like to find more ways to save on dental treatments which are otherwise very expensive in their home countries.

There are no exact statistics on dental tourism today, but it is estimated that more than a million people from all parts of the world travel to get affordable dental treatment. This applies for dental treatment such as dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, crowns, root canals, and even less complicated procedures like tooth extraction. Countries like Hungary (which is today’s top location for dental surgery), Costa Rica, Thailand, Mexico, Panama, South Africa and India market affordable, yet high-quality world class dental services to those who seek them.

The popularity of the concept of seeking dental surgery abroad stems from the fact that there are over a hundred million American adults, and about 25 million kids do not have dental insurance, or underinsured to cover dental treatment. These people will need to pay thousands of dollars for the simplest dental treatment procedures. Furthermore, even the insured who have dental coverage will find that the insurance does not cover for dental cosmetic procedures or dental implants, which are needed by many individuals.

The same goes for Britain where there are about 35,000 people who seek more affordable dental treatment in other countries. In Britain, there is a shortage of dental professionals willing to offer reasonable dental services, adding to the frustration of Britons. Who would resist gaining back that beautiful smile without having to spend as much, yet still get the chance to travel to another beautiful country? Dental tourism is indeed an offer that is quite difficult to resist.

With the popularity of dental tourism, more and more dental clinics abroad have concentrated their efforts on getting foreigners to avail of their services. This has resulted to even better deals for the dental tourist. In fact, many dental centers abroad now do not only offer dental treatment, but travel and accommodation assistance as well. It should not be difficult, for example, to look for a dental center in Budapest that would help you get a big discount off your air ticket and accommodation cost. There are even treatment packages which combine the treatment with travel, accommodation and even local tours which are very hard to resist.

Bear in mind that when travelling to another country for dental surgery, you will need to plan ahead of time. Depending on the type of treatment you need, you will have to stay for at least two days to up to a week in your country of choice. Post-treatment care is also very important so if you don’t intend to fly back after your dental surgery abroad, make sure there is some after care arrangement provided in your home country.

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