Comparing Zirconium Crowns with Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns

Both porcelain fused to metal and zirconium crowns are strong enough to be used anywhere in the mouth (both front and molar region)

Zirconium has a long-standing reputation for quality, durability and beauty in dental ceramics. The technology of this product is extremely advanced. When preparing, we take a precision sample and with computer technology we make a virtual base. It is tasteless and needs minimal invasive preparation by the dentist. As it has a precise technology, the cement line, which is the weak link in any ceramic system, is extremely thin, making for a very long lasting restoration. In the case of regular porcelain fused to metal crowns, we need more tooth tissue to be prepared.

The zirconium work needs no metal framework, it is biocompatible eliminating the risk of an allergic reaction which is always a risk in the case of porcelain fused to metal crowns.

Zirconium crown on a dental implant

Zirconium crown on a dental implant

And finally, the zirconium based dental work has excellent translucency, imitating the natural beauty of teeth. The porcelain fused to metal crowns are not quite as natural looking, and it can happen after years of use that a thin gray margin appears by the gumline of the crown.

Zirconium or porcelain fused to metal?

Although a zirconium crown is more expensive, it has many advantages compared to PFM crowns. The typical cost of a zirconium crown in the UK is around £500- £700, the porcelain fused to metal crown is around £400 – £500. Many dentistries offer special packages tailored to the needs of those who need several dental crwons, this helps you to save on the costs.

Even more significant savings can be achieved if you go abroad for dental work. If you travel to Budapest for dental crowns, you’ll save ~40-50% on standard UK prices. If you need dental  implants too, savings can be even higher, around 50-70%, depending on the number of implants you need. Both PFM and zirconium crowns can be placed on implants.

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